AIC Candidate

AIC Candidate

PVCI has been completing professional valuation and consulting work for over 45 years in Durham Region, York Region, and the Downtown Toronto Core. 

PVCI’s commercial book of business is booming and as a result we’re expanding again.  PVCI is looking for experienced AIC Candidate’s working towards their AACI designation.  These individuals will have the freedom to work independently through a fee split/supplier relationship.

These individuals will work independently completing narrative appraisals on a variety of property types throughout the GTA.   

This role will deal directly with our Durham headquarters and will have access to not only our internal reporting but also our support analysts.  These individuals will also have supporting AACI’s in the office that they can consult in the completion of their work.

As these individuals will be proceeding with the writing of reports under the supervision of a designated member a minimum of 1 year of directly related experience is required.

In return for their services our suppliers will be provided with an attractive remuneration rate, mixed with ongoing office support in the creation of their work, and standardized/scheduled billing.

Key duties within the role will include (but are not limited to):

  • Assisting designated members in their completion of commercial valuations.
  • Maintaining key internal databases.
  • Assist in the analysis and review of commercial real property.
  • At times attend inspections of properties to collect and evaluate construction characteristics, condition, special features, and functional design.
  • Interview key stakeholders involved in subject properties to derive data with regards to the subject and the immediate area.
  • Research relevant data with regards to land use, potential restrictions and derive an opinion of highest and best value.

The successful candidate will:

  • Be a member in good standing with the AIC, and will have valid professional insurance as a candidate member.
  • Have at a minimum 1 year of experience completing commercial valuations in narrative reports in an appraisal shop setting.
  • Possess excellent oral and written communication skills and be comfortable working independently.
  • Be able to methodically gather and interpret data to arrive at a valuation, and possess strong skills in researching and organizing relevant property documentation.

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